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Silkeborg Boys and Girls are a gym-club with approx. 500 members, where the main focus is based on Team-gym A big part of our teams are competition teams, who excersise 2-3 times a week. Silkeborg Boys and Girls have won many competitions within Jutland, and several Danish Championships within many age groups. Besides that the Senior Team has more than once won the Nordic and European Championsship.

To give the gymnasts a feeling of joint community across the different competition teams, we started the show-team.

This team travels with high quality show-gymnastics, and it consists of approx. 40 boys and girls in the age from 10-18 years.

The team is selected within the club juniores, youths and senior teams – and they do a joint training once or twice a month.


Silkeborg Pigerne & Drengene
Steen Larsen, steen@familienlarsen.eu